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God is Moving

God is moving and we are trying to keep up! When God moves in an area and you are one of His servants, be ready. Be ready to run and see all He does.

I believe God has put me into similar shoes as those of Gideon. Everything that I am involved with is greater than I am yet God has called me to do these things. The awesome part is, like Gideon, I really don’t do anything substantial I just have to obey Him and follow His lead. God goes before and conquers the enemies. We go not as a huge army, but small, not just with swords, but with the unconventional weapon of love, not with fear, but with His word and knowing God has a plan and the ability to make His plan happen. We get to see the impossible, the unbelievable and we, as His children get to have the benefits of living in His family. I love serving a living God!

As Jesus says in John 4:37-38 

37For here the saying holds true, ‘One sows and another reaps.’ 38I sent you to reap that for which you did not labor. Others have labored, and you have entered into their labor.”

You see, we don’t have to be the ones sowing to be part of the reaping and sometimes when we sow, we do not always see the harvest. We get to play a part of God’s plan of salvation in lives either way.

All of this to bring up a recent celebration in heaven. A man named Jeremiah and his wife came to church last Wednesday. Jeremiah was sick and towards the end of service Lewis asked him and his wife to come up and we prayed for him. He was healed physically and then both him and his wife gave their lives to the Lord. I am not even sure what I did exactly. All I know is when Lewis explained the news to another he mentioned something I did, however, since it was in Spanish I don’t know what it was that I did.

Like Gideon, if I just keep obeying God it will be obvious who is doing the work. God doesn’t stay still, He keeps on moving.

Keep praying for your brothers and sisters here in Villa Paraiso in the Dominican Republic.

Oliveria Family Newsletter

We have put out our first family newsletter. We have it available in a print quality PDF if you would like to print it for your church body, the one attached on the site is for screen quality only.

Thank you for all your support and a thank you to the anonymous giver of the much needed boost for this month.

I hope you enjoy reading the newsletter and I will be asking the kids to add their own columns in the next month’s issue.

Oliveria newsletter October 2010

Oliveria Newsletter

Oliveria Family Newsletter

When it Rains, it Pours

For the weather here that is definitely true. It seems that every time it rains we get a downpour that makes it hard to see when driving. This happens probably every other day and a few times today as some storms pass from the north.

Most of our readers can relate to this in their lives as well. From finances to health everything seems to hit at once. Today I would ask that you lift us up in prayer for a few things. I must have a bug of some sort and I am a bit drained right now. Also, we are currently out of cash and a little short in the account to pay rent and the remaining deposit amount that we were allowed to pay this coming month. We just had the back brakes repaired a little sooner than planned since we lost all the brake fluid when a wheel cylinder leaked.

Our guagua is fixed!

We are still questioning the house we are in, it took us a while to find one in a safe location that would work with us and the price was comparable to everything else we found. Now we hear the house next door is $700 month which is $550 less than this house. I am assuming that we get the higher rates as “gringos” because the person next door is currently a Dominican. We don’t want to be foolish with the money God provides, but we also don’t want to be foolish about protecting the family. Until we speak Spanish more fluently and understand more about the culture it may not be the wisest thing to live just anywhere.

We are also setting up with Agape Flights to be able to receive mail and packages from home. We are needing some of the school books we left behind because we had already filled too many bags for the flight. Health insurance is another item on our list of needs that we would like to get soon, the price is much more affordable than the U.S. but I don’t have a quote yet for the whole family.

So please pray with us as week ask God for wisdom in all these decisions and for the finances we need to live here. I believe God has us here and I don’t think it was just to come for a few months to only return home (which we don’t have anymore :~)

Passing out food in a village