Well, I don’t normally write about dreams, especially the weird ones. But, this one seemed to have a very important message.

I can’t recall all of the dream, but I remember leaving a kingdom. I don’t remember being an escape, just I left. I didn’t want to be there anymore and found a new kingdom where the people were free. It seemed like it was easy to walk over too, but that is all that was easy. I then found myself having to watch out, because the old kingdom sent someone after me, it turns out they would do anything, kill anyone, to get me back in their kingdom.

This got very bloody fast, so intense it woke me up. This one that came back cut the skin and muscle off of an arm of a friend of mine (no one I know for real, but a friend in the dream.) This was done to show how serious and to what extreme this person would go to in order to get me back. Then immediately following that he killed another friend. All I remember was there was so much bloodshed and terror, yet I wasn’t really scared, but I knew I had to keep moving and flee from his blade. Then I awoke. I hate it when I want to go back to sleep, but my heart was pumping enough blood and I had enough adrenaline to run a few miles.

So the next few minutes while I was awake I realized the significance of the dream and how the enemy of our soul wants to destroy us. He may try to destroy everyone you love, such as in the case of Job. He wants to render you useless to God at very least or kill you at best. It may be easy to make the initial switch from his kingdom to the kingdom of God, but that is were the easy stops.  Life as a born again Christian is like that of the military. You are to prepare for battle, be always watchful, expect the enemy to attack and never let down your guard. This is a spiritual battle, one not seen by many.  Quite commonly we are tricked into fighting in the flesh, attacking that which is not the enemy.  The enemy is real, wants to kill you, and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal. Our King, however, is way more powerful, loves you and knows the end of the story.

By the way, our King wins.