Yes, Samuel has broken an arm, not serious – gracias a Dios.

Here are copies of the bills:

Bill for Hospital and X-rays

Bill for Hospital and X-rays

Doctor bill

Doctor's Bill

Two more dents into our already dented wallet. $2,527 for the hospital and d$1,500 for the doctor! Boy am I glad this wasn’t in US Dollars, which would probably what you would spend for the emergency room, doctor and x-rays in the states. Overall this was about $110 USD, which is way cheaper than any part of a visit in the U.S.

The crack is in the upper portion of the humerus, yet he didn’t find it very funny. It isn’t all the way across the bone, so it should heal quickly.

Here is the happy boy now:

Samuel with broken arm

Samuel broke his arm

Thank you for the continued prayers for our family!

God bless – Dios te bendiga!