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Dominican Republic Missions

Jim and Debra Tunnicliffe – our friends and ministry partners with Island Light Ministries are flying out this Saturday to the Dominican Republic. We are asking for prayer that over the next two weeks God will open the right doors and close the ones where we as a team are not to be. I am also asking that you prayerfully consider supporting the work of the ministry, since there is still a great financial need.

While the Tunnicliffe’s are there they hope to confirm some aspects of where we will be serving. Some of those areas are in trade school teaching, food ministry, youth ministry along with many other ideas and visions. Each of us will have somewhat different roles to play with all one thing in common – glorifying God and leading others to Christ.

I am excited about the work God has before us and I believe there will be a large harvest. I believe that the spies sent out by Joshua had it right when they talked about the size of the grapes. God will go before us to conquer the enemy as we follow in the path He has for us.

Youth in the D.R.

Sale pending on the house

Praise God!

We have the house in escrow and it is expected to close on the 31st. This is great news, however, this is our busy month for business and we had already planned a trip to visit our son in Mexico. Not much time to pack, sort or even think.  So, we are asking for your prayers on the following:

1. Peace and patience in our home
2. A house to rent
3. Someone to help with the business while we are gone
4. Wisdom with selling the business or getting a partner
5. God to get all the Glory
6. Rest for my wife who will probably be taking on way too much (supermom)
7. Clear vision for our Dominican Republic mission

Thank you to all those who have prayed for the house to sell, it is pending and things can change, we just know that God can pull it all the way through if this is His will for us.

Woo hoo!

Fundraising efforts for 2 week trip

I think we are coming to the end of the fundraising…. It is always hard to ask people for money and this time, like times before we did as much “working” for the money as possible. Jessica did 3 different yard sales, two of which was with donated items, the last one being at our house for 2 days.  (Now, for the trips to Good Will and maybe the dumps.)

Thank you to everyone who donated or supported our efforts!

Now with less than two weeks remaining before we leave, we are preparing for our trip by packing items and getting things ready and planned for the kids who will be staying with grandparents.  As any mother reading this would know, this is a hard thing for Jessica, to leave all her kids for 2 weeks, but the Lord is good and they will have fun.