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Blessings of a Team

We have been very busy, everything from moving twice, running with a team and finishing up a website for a client. Not much sleep, but oh so blessed. We had such a great time working with the MBC medical team! The kids got to help out and had a blast doing so.

Heather checking vision

Samuel and Josiah helped 2 days with filling prescriptions of reading and sun glasses.

Jeremy was able to help raise funds for the Christian Surfers Surf Competition by “worshiping” in a bar!  They actually paid him to worship! See his music at www.JeremyOliveria.com

Jeremy singing in a bar

Worship in a bar?

We also sent Josh away. Back to Oregon to work with Michael Robert Smith to earn money to return to the country to attend a DTS with YWAM in Jarabacoa. We sure miss him and we know God will guide him.

Keep praying for us, we know the enemy wants to keep us from reaching God’s children.

Language school?

Now, those of you that know me (Shawn), know that I am not one for school. I am not against learning, I just dread the thought of sitting in a classroom bored out of my mind and my mind wandering. (I guess I do that anyways.)

You see, through high school all I wanted to do was my time and get out. I was bored. I did just enough to get A’s, B’s or C’s and move on. I really didn’t try in most of my classes with exception to Spanish or a couple of others. Needless to say, I didn’t go to college (or collage as one highly educated person I know of writes.) I filled out the paperwork for a junior college, but couldn’t get myself to turn them in.

Anyways, back to the subject – language school. We have been kicking around ideas on learning the language, which is Spanish for the Dominican Republic. We have thought about just moving there and hiring someone there to teach us, or for one of us to take some sort of classes there. We heard of other missionaries going to a language school in Costa Rica and in Mexico. So right now we are looking deeper into going, possibly the whole family, to language school.

Our friends, the Tunnicliffes, are heading down to Guadalajara this week and if they have the time will be checking out this particular school for themselves, which we just found out after already looking into it. Well, I just thought that was interesting.

Plans for the Dominican Republic

As many of you are already aware that we are planning on moving to the Dominican Republic in the near future. Jessica and I both have felt the call on our hearts to move their to minister to the people. We are very excited about this call even though it is a giant step for us to take. When we bought the house we are in now, we thought this would be the last move for many years, but you know what they say about making plans and God laughing.

Anyway, we want to keep everyone in the loop. We really aren’t quite sure about raising support for us to live there, we will still be pulling some income from our business (www.northwestgifts.com and www.urnsnw.com) but will be needing more than that to live on. Our desire, though, is to be asking for support when it comes to a particular project or ministry need.

Currently we are waiting for a buyer for our house, which most people’s first response is how bad the market is. Well, good news, we don’t have to worry about a housing market – If God called us to go, He surely can handle selling a house. So, if you know anyone needing a large house for say a big family with lots of kids – see here: House for sale

Stay tuned here or leave us a comment below.