Making the move to a 3rd world country and not having health insurance (even beforehand) and not even sure how skilled or what kind of care you can get is interesting to say the least. We have already had to go to the pharmacy a couple of times, first for Heather’s eyes which had something like pink eye and then Silas scratched mosquito bites with dirty fingers and it got infected and now Jessica to the hospital.

First off we believe things are fine (to put you at ease, especially Bonnie) But for Jessica to find a lump at the age of 38 which was the age her grandmother passed away from breast cancer, was a bit nerve racking. The thought of fighting that kind of battle here was not something high on my list.  We have already heard enough about cancer deaths here, but I know that we have a great God that can heal and restore all things.

The costs so far for this: $1050 for doctor, $1100 for mamogram, $858 for ultrasound. (Oh, did I forget to mention this is $RD – pesos to dollar is about 37 to 1.)

Doctor appointment in a foreign country: $30
Mamogram in a new facility: $30
Ultrasound in a 3rd world country: $23
Knowing you serve a great and awesome God and having family and friends praying: Priceless.

Beat that MasterCard!

After writing the above we returned to the doctor to get more information. They don’t believe it looks like cancer and they recommend it to be removed and studied. We are praying about this, but for now we are able to relax and praise God for mercies.


The Oliveria family, missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic.

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2 thoughts on “Priceless
  1. Sheri Bowers

    We will be praying for my dear friend!! That had to shake you to the core at first. Miss you and love you and you are on my prayer list!!!!!!

  2. Bonnie

    Thank you Shawn for sharing with everyone…

    Yes, it is unerving to say the least…and my spirit groans, but through the groaning, the knowledge that the Lord has everything in the palm of His Righteous Right Hand.

    The Lord answers the prayers of the saints…and the Lord knows our hearts. I pray now for my family, that HE would carry you on eagle’s wings and put His Great Physician Arms around all of you, especially Jessica.

    I love and miss all of you…

    Love & Shalom,