Month: February 2009

Selling cremation urns

When I am asked what I do for a living, I get some interesting responses when I tell them I sell cremation urns.  Many hesitate before they say something like “oh?” Some seemed frightened about it. I guess death is just something no one wants to be close to in anyway except when watching movies, which some are filled with death.

Bible cremation urn with Psalm 23

Bible urn

I will admit, it isn’t easy talking to people on the phone about urns. On the other end of the phone is someone who just lost a loved one, whether it be the husband of 40 years or the child of 5. The hardest for me is when it is for a child. I can’t imagine losing a child. My heart goes out to the parent knowing it must be a very hard thing to go through.

There is a positive side to selling cremation urns though – we are providing a quality product at reasonable prices. I can look a person in the face and go to sleep knowing we do what is right. Most of our urns are made in the USA and the quality reflects that. You can buy urns for less that are made in China or the Philipines, but you do get what you pay for. I have yet to see the quality even come close.

So, next time you ask someone what they do and if they tell you they are in the business of death how will you react? Will you stumble over your words not knowing what to say? Will you quickly change the subject because death scares you? Something to think about….

SEM SEO workshop in Medford Oregon

Being involved with online marketing for over the last 10 years, has taught me many skills in SEO and SEM. (SEO – Search engine optimization, SEM – Search engine marketing) These skills are invaluable for anyone trying to use the Internet for sales and marketing. Locally I have noticed most do not have a clue how to optimize their websites for search engines and I know there are plenty of scam artist companies who prey on the ignorant (really ignorant isn’t a bad word.)

What I have decided to do is offer a full day workshop on SEM and SEO here in Medford. I hope to pass on some of my knowledge and skill to those interested in implementing this technology for their own or client websites. I plan on putting on this workshop March20th. Putting all this information together in order for teaching has been quite the task and I don’t want to miss anything and make it as clear as possible for the attendees.

Let me know if you have any interest in this and I can let you know the details as they become set. You can see the business website at SEO Workshop

If you are wondering how this relates to us going to the Dominican Republic, it is a two-fold answer:
1. I plan on teaching different Internet related skills to those trying to improve their work conditions in the D.R.
2. By offering workshops here, I should be able to hire help with my current sites which will give us more options to move without having to sell the businesses first.