Our oldest son Jeremy Oliveria is what some call a musicionary. His ministry is through the music God has gifted him with. Currently he is working at Rogue Valley Fellowship as a worship leader.

You can see and hear more at Jeremy Oliveria Music

Jeremy Oliveria

The spiritual journey for Jeremy began at a very young age. He grew up in a loving Christian home in Southern Oregon, the oldest of 6 children. Falling in love with music at a young age his life revolved around songwriting and performing. His only true desire was to write music and have it be heard. “Even though I grew up in a Christian home, I struggled to embrace Christianity, after high school I spent many years searching for God in all the wrong places.”
That’s where his journey began to take a dark turn, he found himself exploring different substances to enhance and “inspire” his creativity, but no matter what he tried his efforts always came up empty, eventually he found himself at the end of himself, crying out for deliverance. “After I had a few near death experiences, the foundational beliefs of my youth came roaring back, and by God’s mercy he delivered me from the depths of evil, and set my feet upon the rock.”
Desperate to break away from the snares of the world, Jeremy’s journey led him down to Mexico to live in an orphanage for handicapped kids. “Perspective… I got a huge perspective about life and ultimately Christ. Those kids ministered to me more than any sermon I had previously heard.”

It’s there where Jeremy was set free and began to feel the Holy Spirit work in his life. The Lord began molding him into who he was called to be.

“My inspiration and passion for creating was now fueled by an unquenchable fire to follow Jesus Christ!” says Jeremy. His soul couldn’t contain the potent truth of God’s grace.
In the Summer of 2010, he was signed by National Christian Recording Artist Michael Robert, onto MR Music Group. Teaming up with esteemed Producer Ron Davis (engineer of “Shout to the Lord”), he recorded a powerful manifestation of spiritual truths through the expression of simple folk-infused acoustic psalms entitled “Prodigal Psalms”.

In the fall of 2010, he recorded his first single “Hear the Fire”, produced by Michael Robert and Producer David Garcia (Chris and Conrad, Group One Crew.)


Jeremy has a great message for all believers, “Each one of us is a prodigal in our own way,” Jeremy states, “each one of us has times we walk away from God, from what we know he is calling us to do. The Christian life is about learning to surrender all and rest in His perfect plan for our lives.”