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Harvest Connections – Connecting Missions

While we were living in Sosua there was a group started to help bring together the different missions that operate in that area. The group is called Harvest Connections.

There are a couple of goals within this group, one being that each mission group knew about the others. This in turn can help them share resources, which this has already taken place in a couple on instances. Another goal was to help connect those wanting to serve in the area with the mission groups already working there.

Well, I volunteered to build the website at www.harvestconnections.org which is finally ready to show others. There are some further plans for the back end of the website to help the mission groups communicate needs to each other, and on the front end to help categorize in different ways.

Take a look and let me know if it has any errors or if you have an idea that might improve it.

Harvest Connections



The Brochure is done and ready to print

We finally finished the brochure! It takes quite a bit of discussion to really get a brochure refined. Only so much space and there is so much we want to say.  Below are the pages in PDF format.

Oliveria Missions Brochure page 1

Oliveria Missions Brochure Page 2

The blog software won’t allow a document over 2MB, so I had to split it into the 2 pages (front and back.) Feel free to print this out and pass it on to your friends and let them know what we are doing in the Dominican Republic.

Our goal is to be there around the middle of July and we are trusting in God for the support we need to get there and get started. It will take a few months to get fully engaged into the activities of the ministry, since we will also be working on the language (Spanish) as well. Currently we have a tutor helping my wife and I as well as two of the older children and we will either have a native tutor there or attend a language course.

Please pray for us and the Tunnicliffe’s as we embark on this adventure God has given us!

Oliveria Family Missionaries to the Dominican Republic

Oliveria Family

Sale pending on the house

Praise God!

We have the house in escrow and it is expected to close on the 31st. This is great news, however, this is our busy month for business and we had already planned a trip to visit our son in Mexico. Not much time to pack, sort or even think.  So, we are asking for your prayers on the following:

1. Peace and patience in our home
2. A house to rent
3. Someone to help with the business while we are gone
4. Wisdom with selling the business or getting a partner
5. God to get all the Glory
6. Rest for my wife who will probably be taking on way too much (supermom)
7. Clear vision for our Dominican Republic mission

Thank you to all those who have prayed for the house to sell, it is pending and things can change, we just know that God can pull it all the way through if this is His will for us.

Woo hoo!

June 13th leaving for the Dominican Republic!

So, it is getting here fast! We are leaving for the Dominican Republic on the 13th and at this time there are 17 people on this trip. About 10 of them are High Schoolers (or close in age). 

Please pray for those going, finances for the trip, and for God to use us throughout the trip to reach people, to bless His children and to give Him glory.

The Lord will be stretching all of us before and during the trip and the adversary will want us to be in discord, discouraged and overall defeated. We pray that we will fight the battle in the Spirit and not each other :~)