Month: November 2011

Updates from the Dominican Republic

Oliveria family missionaries

This weekend we sent Heather, Samuel and Josiah back down to the capital to be part of King’s Kids again. We are seeing growth in their lives as they seek God and worship Him. They also practice the dances and dramas and are being taught by our brothers and sisters in Christ the things of the Lord.

Silas, however, is stuck with mom and dad at home. He doesn’t know what to do when the others are not around, but we hope to change this shortly when we move.

The boys at Niños de la Luz are enjoying the new home, just a few more things to finish, such as shelves for the kitchen. The house really changes the way they live together. The other building was more of separate dorms with a shared living area, this house is set up more like a normal house. We sent Jesse, who has been there for a few months helping, on his way to Buenos Aires. Watching the boys say goodbye made me not want to leave, but I believe God is calling us to move.

We were blessed this last week as Heather was baptized. Even though she was a few years ago, she felt that this was her walk and her faith and that she felt God tugging her heart to do so. This is a joyous time in a parents life whenever their children take ownership of their faith.

Please pray with us in these areas:

  • Adjusting to the culture, the language, different foods, new customs, and difficult climate.
  • Protection in travel, health, accidents, and dangerous situations.
  • Our concern for their children’s health,home-schooling, friendships. Housing accommodations, differences in living standards, and lack of accustomed conveniences.
  • Loneliness, homesickness, lack of accustomed fellowship with others
  • Interpersonal relationships, dealing with one’s (and others’) prejudice, selfishness, depending on the faithfulness of others to meet one’s financial needs.
  • Effectiveness in ministry, whatever the assignment.
  • Functioning of the tools of ministry. (computers, cars, cell-phones everything seems to break too often here.)
  • Lack of visible results; the “plowing, planting and watering” stages can go on for years! (Jeremiah preached for 23 years and no one listened. Jer 25:3)
  • The people being ministered to, the national Christians, other missionaries.
  • Need for encouragement, stability, wisdom, compassion, self-discipline, boldness, power, love, to be filled with the Spirit of God.
  • The vehicle fundraiser – that we meet the goal for a reliable vehicle.

We miss all of our friends and family and hope to visit soon. This has been one of the biggest challenges of being here, not having brought our friends with us! We miss so much the times spent fellowshipping at church or in your homes or ours.  Feel free to write us or call us anytime!

Project Guagua

Project Guagua

The Goal: Replace our vehicle in 2 weeks!!

The death of our guagua (van) is imminent! It has gone beyond small repairs and is becoming a hindrance to our ministry here on a weekly basis.  We need your help!!!  We are asking for 1000 people to give $10 or for 100 people to spread the word by getting 10 friends to donate $10 each. This vehicle will give us the ability to reach more people with the gospel, as well as offer practical help to missionaries all over the island.  Unfortunately, cars are not cheap here.  They run 2 to 3 times what they are in the States. We desire to have something that is reliable and economical.  We have consulted with a local mechanic who has worked on the island for years.  He has given us a list of what he thinks are the most reliable, economical (gas is over $5 a gallon), and inexpensive vehicles to repair in the DR. When we think of the cost as a whole and all the logistics it is overwhelming, but we are trusting God and His plan for us in all things.

$10 x 1000 = 100 people asking 10 of their friends to donate $10 = Reliable vehicle used to bring glory to God wherever it goes!!!! (Click here to print the flyer out – PDF of Vehicle Fundraiser)


The Dying Guagua

Possible Replacement Van


To Give: Tax Deductible donations can be made to Alliance Bible Chapel with a note in the memo “Oliveria Vehicle Fund”

Mail to: Oliveria Family
c/o Tiffani Ghiglieri
1462 Beekman Ave.
Medford Or 97501

Donations can also be received through PayPal (donations through PayPal are not tax-deductible) on the Support page

PDF of vehicle fundraiser