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Hear The Fire-Jeremy Oliveria

Our son Jeremy has spent the last year recording, touring and ministering with the music the Lord has given him. He has a huge testimony of God’s grace in his life as well as the desire to reach the youth with Christ’s message of love. What God has done through the struggles, not only for Jeremy, but in my walk as well is priceless.

It took the struggle Jeremy went through to bring me to my knees in prayer and knowing that only God can pull him out of the darkness.

We are excited what God has been doing with Jeremy and the music. Currently he even has a song that is climbing a Christian music chart – Hear the Fire.

Take a listen here: http://www.indieheaven.com/top20

For those of you who have prayed for Jeremy over the years, let it be known, that God is working and will continue to do miracles in our lives. Those of you with children who have gone astray, know that God is the one who can save. Our job as believers, as brothers and sister in Christ, as parents; is to pray. Our weapon against the enemy is prayer.

Hear the fire Jeremy Oliveria

Lyrics: “Hear The Fire”

Written by Jeremy Oliveria & Michael Robert

Hear the fire in the silence of your voice
In your desire in your mercy I rejoice
In your compassion yes I find my relief
In your holy presence, in your spirit I find peace
Hear the fire, you inspire
All of my fears will melt before you grace
Hear the fire, you inspire,
All of creation will dance before your glorious name
Peace that gets me like
the kiss of a river when my throat is dry
your love’s like a waterfall
I’m drowning at the bottom and it’s beautiful

I’m lost in you, lost in love…

Blessings of a Team

We have been very busy, everything from moving twice, running with a team and finishing up a website for a client. Not much sleep, but oh so blessed. We had such a great time working with the MBC medical team! The kids got to help out and had a blast doing so.

Heather checking vision

Samuel and Josiah helped 2 days with filling prescriptions of reading and sun glasses.

Jeremy was able to help raise funds for the Christian Surfers Surf Competition by “worshiping” in a bar!  They actually paid him to worship! See his music at www.JeremyOliveria.com

Jeremy singing in a bar

Worship in a bar?

We also sent Josh away. Back to Oregon to work with Michael Robert Smith to earn money to return to the country to attend a DTS with YWAM in Jarabacoa. We sure miss him and we know God will guide him.

Keep praying for us, we know the enemy wants to keep us from reaching God’s children.

God is going before us

Received a call from our son Jeremy today telling us of all the places we will be presenting the ministry and he will be doing music at. It is back to back from Colorado to Florida from the 25th to the 31st! We will need your prayers for our health, peace, rest and that the Lord will use us all the way.

Never did I dream that this drive would be like this! We were hoping for a few, but now it is a full schedule. I know the Lord has plans, I just hope we follow Him all the way through it.

Oh, did I mention that we still have no vehicle to do this in? One more thing for God to complete as we move close the date of departure.  We are still asking God to open the door to the right vehicle to safely get us there and Jeremy and Sam back.

Thank you for your prayers!

Hoping for a van like this:

Van for Missionaries

Help find us the van?

Jeremy Oliveria Prodigal Psalms

Most of our friends and family have seen (or should I say heard) the gift of music Jeremy has. We, as parents, have known for years that this gift was meant for God’s glory and knew that God had a plan in it. However, Jeremy struggled growing up to be in the rock music scene and wanted nothing to do with “Christian music” or anything close.

Over the last 3 years he went through many struggles and was our prodigal son. One that brought us to our knees in prayer constantly, knowing we could do nothing and fearing the worst. This struggle within our family drew us to the Lord in a powerful way, we have learned to be dependant on Him (wish I wouldn’t forget this almost every day.) The Lord has shown Himself faithful as usual and has brought Jeremy back and with a walk that any father could be proud of. He desires to serve the Lord and to bless the Lord with music.

Jeremy Oliveria

Jeremy Oliveria Prodigal Psalms

Now Jeremy is on the verge of releasing his first album – Prodigal Psalms (Jeremy Oliveria) as a solo artist. These songs are inspired by the spirit and Jeremy hopes that pride does not get in the way of God’s message.  Pray for Jeremy and the music, that he will touch many lives – especially those prodigals out there. So many young men and women who know who God is and who were raised with the Word spoken are out there in the pig mud of the world desiring something better.

One of the songs is up Today – Friday the 25th on the the myspace page at: http://myspace.com/jeremyoliveriamusic

Also follow his FaceBook page (address will be added later.)