Feeding His People

Lately Silas is constantly hungry, always wanting something to eat. Most parents probably remember a time when their children were like this, one hour after eating complaining about being hungry. So, going up to the village we have been bringing something small like bread for him to eat if he gets to the point of complaining. We leave it in the van and take him out to it, so as not to create hunger pains in anyone who sees him eating.

Saturday I handed him a piece of bread and told him to eat it before going back towards the kids, however his little friend Johnny was right there. I told him that many of them are hungry and don’t have much food so it wouldn’t be nice for him to walk over to where they could see it. He then took a piece of the bread and handed it to his friend. This was heartwarming to see Silas understand enough that he wanted to share.

Now yesterday we had a similar event where I reminded him that many are hungrier than him and some may have not eaten anything that day. He then said to me “we should bring enough food for them” which I said “yes, we want to but we don’t have enough.” I could see his mind working on it, and he had a sad expression while pondering these thoughts.

The need is great; we have plans of having lunch served there which is their main meal. It would most likely consist of rice and beans (Dominican style) but God will have to do a miracle. You see, we don’t have the money to do this yet.

We hope to help in changing this need over time as we teach different skills to the men and women in the village so that they can earn enough to provide for their families. The trade school is scheduled to be finished in February and the plan is to have a woodshop and 3 other trade classes in the building. The Samaritan Foundation has the finances being given to them for this building praise the lord.

Please pray for the finances needed to bring food to these people. I was challenged to pray for this need after what Silas said. To him it was a simple solution of just bringing more food. Where is my faith to ask the same of our Father who is so good!

 Keep in mind that this food is our earthly food, while we feed their stomachs, we will be feeding them God’s Word.


The Oliveria family, missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic.

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