Living in Paradise

We have been in the Dominican Republic for a whole 3 days now and are experiencing all that paradise has to offer! This morning’s power outage and water outage topped off the night of thunder and lightning and heavy rain. Since we have been here I have joked about being in paradise. The warm weather is great and the green is beautiful, but compared to what God has in an unfallen world, there isn’t anything here to call paradise.

If we are hung up in this world searching for the place of peace, retirement, relaxation in the tropics with no cares, we are only fooling ourselves. This world is in a fallen state. It is deteriorating and corroding (come here if you want to see corrosion.) If you are a child of God, I don’t believe you will ever find peace in this world. You will never find a place you can fully relax and enjoy. I believe God will have you stirred to do. To do things He planned for you long before you were born. Things that bring Him glory and you the fulfillment of following your King and Saviour. The rest we as Christians will experience is a rest in Him no matter what we are physically being challenged with. Our peace is from Him through events that no earthly peace can exist. Our paradise is not found here on the earth, but with Him!

Take courage my brothers and sisters, God does not overburden us. He allows us to find rest, strength, energy and peace while serving Him. Take your burdens to the cross and carry His burdens because they are light.

May our Lord and Savior grant you His peace today.


The Oliveria family, missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic.

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