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The Pilgrim’s Progress musical film

If you haven’t seen this yet, it is a great movie done on a very small budget. This was originally written as a play and was going to be done for our church’s VBS (vacation Bible school.) There were scenes that they decided to best film since it would have been almost impossible to get all the actors in each day for 4 days. As the filming progressed they decided best to film it entirely, which then turned into the movie we have now.

Go here to order a copy to show your church, your family, use for a VBS, or Sunday school class: Pilgrims Progress Film

Some of our children had parts in this film, but I am seriously not trying to be biased, it is a good movie!

Problems and Solutions

One thing I really like to do is problem solve or fix things. I know that sometimes I might actually be creating problems too, but I am human right?

Since we have been here we haven’t had any bookshelves and being homeschoolers this can be an issue. We brought over many books and still had others bring more, but this has only caused me to get more in trouble with my wife for not having bookshelves ready.

Well, finally I am building some shelves, but I had some problems to solve. First, I have 2 saws – a circular saw and a reciprocating saw. Neither saw is really designed for building furniture. I also am short a router, sander, tablesaw, and so many basic tools that I am use to using to build furniture. Secondly, how do I make them unique, functional, and mobile? Third, very limited amount of money to spend on the project at hand.

Well here is a little solution I came up with: boxes. I am making small wood boxes to support the shelves. Now we could also use a coffee table and some end tables, so I am designing those with basically the same concept. The boxes can be stacked in different configurations. They can stack horizontal or vertical giving two different heights to a shelf. I found while making the shelves, that at 32 inches wide it didn’t quite look right to have a box at both ends, so I used one and used screws to help stabilize them.

Here are some pictures to show the process and concept:

First the problem – too many books, no shelves. (One part of the solution in the corner.)

The first one is 32″ wide and is ready for the books.

Narrow Box Shelf

Narrow Box Shelf

Here are examples of how they can be configured:

Box shelf concept

This one has a shorter shelf on top, it would look better if it was even shorter.

Concept coffee table using the same boxes:

Oliveria box system

So you might be asking how this fits in to being a missionary. Well, first we are still a family and we live in a house and still homeschool. There is a normal part of living no matter where you live. Secondly, how do we solve problems. Do we let things  stop us or do we find solutions and move forward. One of the things I am learning on the field is to keep pressing on. There have been many challenges, but through Christ I know there are solutions and positive results of each of those challenges. I do believe what the Bible says in Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Children, Bless Your Parents

Raising children is never easy. Raising them in the ways of the Lord so that they will not stray, even harder. But the mercies of the Lord are great and He can do what we can’t.

We had the privilege to talk to both Jeremy and Joshua in the last week. This was our first time talking with Joshua since he went to Mexico and it seems like it has been a year (yet it has only been about two months.) He was still excited about being there and serving. Then speaking to Jeremy who was visiting the Mission for a week was also able to tell us how God was working in his life and in Joshua’s life.

To be able to hear from your children that they are following the Lord, giving their life to the Lord and trying to only make decisions with the Lord can fill a parents heart with joy!

I pray that all my children will one day fill my heart with that same joy as they serve the Lord.

So children, bless your parents and serve the LORD. Seek Him with all your heart, mind and soul.



Radhames Reynoso music

Check out our friend’s music and website. Radhames plays across the country of the Dominican Republic and other latin American countries. God has gifted him with music and preaching.

Radhames Reynoso


Oliveria Family Update

Well, it is a new year and many things are in the works. At the end of the month we will be working with our first team that is headed by Island Light Ministries. This team consists of an optometrist, dentists, RN’s and a few others to work in two different locations for 4 days with those specialties. Our family is excited to work with this group.

Also, coming soon to our house is our son Jeremy Oliveria and Sam Smith, they will be here in the country for about 6 weeks! This also coincides with us moving to a 2-bedroom house for about 9 days (Thanks to New Missions.) We should be moving into a house on the 1st at a lower rent rate – PRAISE GOD!

Last night we had the Cooper family over for dinner, Josh and Heather can actually speak Spanish better than I thought, I wish they would help me more than just laugh at my obvious error?!?!? I am constantly using the wrong verb form, usually I catch myself, but it makes for messy sentences.

Continue to pray for us as we learn more Spanish, we are going to try a friend in the village tonight to help Jessica and I with the language, he is fluent in English and has been helping Jim by interpreting the services.

An update about Josh – Later. Ha!

God Bless!

P.S. I need to repair my blog, it isn’t posting the photos I tried.

Samuel’s Broken Arm

Yes, Samuel has broken an arm, not serious – gracias a Dios.

Here are copies of the bills:

Bill for Hospital and X-rays

Bill for Hospital and X-rays

Doctor bill

Doctor's Bill

Two more dents into our already dented wallet. $2,527 for the hospital and d$1,500 for the doctor! Boy am I glad this wasn’t in US Dollars, which would probably what you would spend for the emergency room, doctor and x-rays in the states. Overall this was about $110 USD, which is way cheaper than any part of a visit in the U.S.

The crack is in the upper portion of the humerus, yet he didn’t find it very funny. It isn’t all the way across the bone, so it should heal quickly.

Here is the happy boy now:

Samuel with broken arm

Samuel broke his arm

Thank you for the continued prayers for our family!

God bless – Dios te bendiga!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Well, this isn’t our normal post, but one that is sort of commercial in nature. We have owned for around 12 years now, but no longer is it a direct source of income. However, our friend Daniel Szczesniak is now running that and our other website

So, if you are looking for Christmas gifts, Golf giftsfloral wreaths or a number of gift ideas please check out what is offered at Northwest Gifts. Sales will benefit our family as well as Daniel’s.

Five Dollar Coupon


Making the move to a 3rd world country and not having health insurance (even beforehand) and not even sure how skilled or what kind of care you can get is interesting to say the least. We have already had to go to the pharmacy a couple of times, first for Heather’s eyes which had something like pink eye and then Silas scratched mosquito bites with dirty fingers and it got infected and now Jessica to the hospital.

First off we believe things are fine (to put you at ease, especially Bonnie) But for Jessica to find a lump at the age of 38 which was the age her grandmother passed away from breast cancer, was a bit nerve racking. The thought of fighting that kind of battle here was not something high on my list.  We have already heard enough about cancer deaths here, but I know that we have a great God that can heal and restore all things.

The costs so far for this: $1050 for doctor, $1100 for mamogram, $858 for ultrasound. (Oh, did I forget to mention this is $RD – pesos to dollar is about 37 to 1.)

Doctor appointment in a foreign country: $30
Mamogram in a new facility: $30
Ultrasound in a 3rd world country: $23
Knowing you serve a great and awesome God and having family and friends praying: Priceless.

Beat that MasterCard!

After writing the above we returned to the doctor to get more information. They don’t believe it looks like cancer and they recommend it to be removed and studied. We are praying about this, but for now we are able to relax and praise God for mercies.

Creature of the night

A little off-beat, but something to share. I am sure all the ladies would love friends like these:

Our pets

Heather was in the pool by herself and called for me to show me one, then a few minutes later the larger one.

Some of the locals say they can kill you, yet even the local exterminator agrees with what I have read. They can bite, but are basically harmless. Still creepy if you ask me.

Revival of His people

Here we are in a hotel in Cape Girardeau, Missouri having jumped in the pool at 10 PM and ready for some rest. This was a short 7 hour drive (with stops) from our last stop with Shane and Kami who blessed us with their hospitality and the privilege of doing a presentation at their church and Jeremy did some music. As usual, the Lord moved and people were blessed and touched. It is so cool to witness God using the music to reach deep in the hearts of His people.

Back to the title of this post – Revival – I believe that God has us on this trip across the states to be part of an ushering in of a revival. The same themes are at each church so far, from Medford Oregon to Missouri. The Holy Spirit has been moving and just seeing what God is doing in the three young men with us has been inspiring. Jeremy, Sam and Matt have all been great to be with on this trip and I know God has great plans for them. Please keep them in your prayers. We are asking for safe travels and for God to continue to use them mightily.

If you haven’t been experiencing God in a deeper way lately, start asking for Him to draw you closer. God wants all of His children close to Him, asking Him for all things, and dependant on Him. Allow the Holy Spirit to enter in you fully and flow out of you, touching others and connecting His people together.

Also, keep my brother Garth in your prayers, I am not sure how He is at the moment, the last I heard was he fell about 15 feet off a ladder and was unconscious for a minute and may have some broken bones.

God bless!!!