The Brochure is done and ready to print

We finally finished the brochure! It takes quite a bit of discussion to really get a brochure refined. Only so much space and there is so much we want to say.  Below are the pages in PDF format.

Oliveria Missions Brochure page 1

Oliveria Missions Brochure Page 2

The blog software won’t allow a document over 2MB, so I had to split it into the 2 pages (front and back.) Feel free to print this out and pass it on to your friends and let them know what we are doing in the Dominican Republic.

Our goal is to be there around the middle of July and we are trusting in God for the support we need to get there and get started. It will take a few months to get fully engaged into the activities of the ministry, since we will also be working on the language (Spanish) as well. Currently we have a tutor helping my wife and I as well as two of the older children and we will either have a native tutor there or attend a language course.

Please pray for us and the Tunnicliffe’s as we embark on this adventure God has given us!

Oliveria Family Missionaries to the Dominican Republic

Oliveria Family


The Oliveria family, missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic.

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