Jeremy Oliveria is back on tour

Jeremy Oliveria Above Any Grave

Our son Jeremy has headed back on tour in April along with a group called The Weigh Station. Last I heard they have around 20 concerts to play in April. Pray that God will go before them and prepare the hearts of His children to hear more of Him.

Here is one of the songs, Above Any Grave, on the CD which is a split LP of Jeremy and The Weigh Station.

Jeremy Oliveria
Above Any Grave lyrics

In the dark in the night,
We were searching for truth in the gutter,
In the midst of the fight,
We were searching for love under covers,
Under Covers,
Broken and destitute, Jesus you showed us the way,
Healed our afflictions and rose far above any grave,
Above Any Grave

Jeremy Oliveria Above Any Grave

Album Cover - Jeremy Oliveria & The Weigh Station


We are praying God continues to use Jeremy to touch lives and to draw them to the throne of grace. God has been so awesome and Jeremy has a gift to share with others God’s great love. We love hearing reports from people who have been blessed by the music, it is a testimony of how God can take what the enemy tries to use for evil and turn it for His glory.



The Oliveria family, missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic.

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