Freedom in Christ

Break me from these prison walls
Free me from these chains,
The world around me closing in,
Following all to the end.

What does this life have to offer?
Where do I go for help?
When will I find deliverance?
Who will come for my rescue?

I am dead here – motionless,
I have no hope within.
There is no beat from my heart,
There is no thought remaining.

Breath, breathed upon me,
Life beginning new.
Light coming in my retinas,
True hope is here today.

You have been there this whole time?
Why could I not see you?
Such darkness that I had before,
Such light now seen radiant.

From inside is placed a new heart,
One that beat a new path.
My Savior, Lord, my Deliverer,
Has placed His in my chest.

Oh, if others could have this heart,
One that beats so fresh.
Such wonderful music it makes,
Sending life throughout.

Now my life is shining,
Though I may stumble or trip.
The Lord is full of Mercies,
Each morning made anew.

Why don’t others see you?
How do we cure this blindness?
Our sin is our disease,
And your blood the cure.


The Oliveria family, missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic.

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