House sold and we have moved

Sorry about the long delay in posting, it has been quite the whirlwind of activities for the Oliveria family. First off the house sold, but before that we signed papers and left for Mexico. No we were not running away, we went to visit our oldest son Jeremy who was at the Mission/Discipleship school that is ran by Applegate Fellowship.  We spent a week down there and then drove back to move.

The house was suppose to close on the 31st, but since it had not we still moved in faith. God provided us a house that was partially furnished for about 6 months. This was at a price we could afford, but was much nicer than we were expecting at that price. So, we got moved in and then the house closed! Now, after owning for almost 16 years, this was a strange feeling. We were now homeless in a way, but I think God wants me to realize how dependent on Him we really are. As I type this I am looking out over the Rogue Valley from above, out a 3rd story window with views of pines and the Table Rocks. Definitely much better than views of tagged fences in the areas we thought we were going to be renting.

Once we got moved, Jeremy called us and said he was coming back to Medford.  This was a surprise since the last thing he ever wanted to do was return to Medford, but in this case He felt God wanted him to return to get a job and pay bills he left hanging. Please pray that he finds a job quickly. Now Jeremy has been here for a couple of weeks and has been ministering to his uncle who is only 1 year older than him and some friends.

Between getting the engraver set up and car problems, it seems I can’t get anything caught up. Much to do with the business and the planning for the big move to the Dominican Republic. Island Light Ministries seems to be were God has directed us to serve. This new ministry was started by Jim and Debra Tunnicliff with a few visions of feeding the poor, ministering to the youth (locals and foreign) and working with a planned neighborhood of housing for the poor.

Lots to do, but I know God is the one directing and our faith just grows as we follow Him.


The Oliveria family, missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic.

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