Like many my age, I began to hear swear words around 6th or 7th grade. It would be cool to cuss in a sentence even if the word didn’t actually fit. Over the next couple of years I incorporated more swearing into my vocabulary part way to fit in and part way to be cool. All the cool kids showed rebellion and swearing was one of the rebellious things to do.

Nothing has changed.

Using foul language is still the same today as it was when I was younger and even long before that. But what I find myself thinking everytime I hear cussing – immaturity. What level of maturity does it take to let loose with cuss words for everyday speech? How much maturity does it show to swear when you are mad? If you are honest you would say – none. A sign of maturity is self-control. Another is not needing to impress your peers with bold words that stir up others around you.

When I joined the army back in the late 80’s I use to swear. After a couple of weeks of having to hear or say everything with a swear word I realized how childish it all sounded! Being in a group of “men” from 18 – 45 years old and everyone (including me) sounded like kids in junior high school, really got me thinking. I actually stopped swearing including words in cadences. I would replace words with something less or non-offensive. I couldn’t believe how childish men could sound.

Now, years later I still see the same thing. Funny how something that one will do thinking that it makes them look mature actually makes them look so immature. But to relate this to my Christian walk – how mature do other things in my life look to the Lord? Do those things impress God? I think not. Being puffed up about knowing God is immature. Being self-rightous is immature…. Being humble and gracious would be mature.

Let us who are Christians remember that maturity in Christ is shown in the fruits of the spirit.