Praise God!

He did it. He provided all the funding. Some of it came on the day we were to turn it all in – and it was quite a bit. Thank you to all of those who helped financial and through prayers.

Just a few days left before we leave. So many things to take care of and we are quite excited about the trip. We did get one thing done (mostly…) we sprayed the house this last weekend.

Just to let you know, heavy boom lifts on hard tires can get stuck to easily off of pavement. So, I rented a boom to get to the peaks and dormer windows on our house. I drove it onto the front lawn, leaving a 1/2″ indention everywhere I drove it. Then I tried to drive it back onto the driveway, but it would just spin the tires. Tried with plywood and 2X4’s as instructed by the rental company, but no go.

I then turned and went the other direction and figured I would try to drive around and into the backyard to access 2 of the dormer windows as planned. I got over some bark area and was going onto the sidewalk. The lift is wider than the sidewalk and as 2 wheels went over the side where more bark is, they sank. It so happens that under that area the clay ground was still really wet and clay leaves no traction. Well, we tried to help it out with a pickup and cable but that didn’t work. $95 and 5 minutes with a tow truck, it was back onto pavement.

So, the lift didn’t quite get used as planned and I still have the facia of one dormer window to get to probably by a 30′ to 40′ ladder. But the house is sprayed and looks really good.

Pictures to come shortly….. maybe.