Sometimes people have deep theological discussions about God’s blessings, can we earn them, can we get them, do we miss them, etc…

To me many of God’s blessings are like a welcome rain in the barren desert, if you stay in a shelter you will miss out on the life giving waters poured out so freely.  If you were in need of the life giving water would you not run out and abandon all else to quench the thirst?

I don’t limit God’s ways of blessing us, but sometimes I think we can miss out on the obvious. First off we are blessed solely by the salvation that Jesus paid for by His blood, this blessing alone is enough, but why limit God in our lives?  So get out of the sin that keeps you from the blessing, so often we miss out when we are unwilling to walk away from something that does not bless but only keeps us from communing with our Heavenly Father who loves us.

Quite often those who are suffering from depression, can find relief by letting go of the chains of sin that bind. I think most Christians who have walked with the Lord for some time could attest to this in their own lives. Something had kept them down and was held onto at the cost of peace and joy. Repent and enjoy your merciful Father, bask in the rays of His glory! Find yourself running out into the rains of His blessings and thirst no more! Read Psalms and see how David dealt with the turmoil of sin and the joy of repentance. See the walk of the apostles as they walked in the spirit and enjoyed the power of God being shown through their lives.