The time to leave is approaching very quickly and we will need a van that holds 9+ passengers. Please pray with us as we ask God for the van that will safely get us to Florida and Jeremy, Sam and possibly Matt back. We will probably have to tow a small enclosed trailer if anyone has one we could borrow it would be greatly appreciated!!

The plan, Lord willing, is to go to Colorado to visit my brother and family and my old best friend from High school. While we are there we hope to be able to present the ministry to at least one church (another prayer request.)

Then we will be off to Kansas City for Jeremy to play music and for us to present Island Light Ministries and our family. This is the home church of a band member playing with Michael Robert.

From there we have a place in Tennessee and then to Florida where we hope to have a couple of opportunities. God has been going before us and I pray we follow His lead. We have been praying that God will be the one to put it on the hearts of His people to support this ministry.

God has been working on my faith lately, feeling like Peter when he denied Christ when the pressure was on. I know I am only man and that He is God. I praise Him for showing me how weak I am, without Him none of this can happen. I hope that through our struggle and victories in the Lord that you (my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ) will be encouraged and your faith will be increased as well as ours!

May our Lord have mercy and Grace upon us always and may His glory be shown.