We have been working on the brochure this last week and it has been an interesting challenge. Trying to put information on there for what we are planning on doing, yet not having all things established to do them. Basically we have to trust in the Lord for what He has put on our hearts to do in the Dominican Republic.

Part of the planning we have been doing involves another group that builds houses or a village for those in complete need. This group then has missionaries run different aspects of the villages. A problem that has been seen in the earlier villages is that people learn to be beggars instead of learning trades and working. This problem is caused by the ignorance of the short-term missions trips. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see those stop by any means. It is just that those visiting see people in such great need that they will give not realizing that there is a habit of begging without really begging.

Our desire is to help and educate those in need to provide for their families in a way that reflects the values in God’s word. The witnessing and preaching the gospel are powerfully shown through love. The love that desires to help such a person to be able to provide for their family through work. This work is gained by having a skill, the skill by training.

To look at this in another way is to realize that many of these people were never taught much of anything besides what was passed on by previous generations. Many have never gone to school, learned a skill or know that they can.

To get back to the brochure, we had to decide how to explain some of the ministry functions even if they are not yet already in action. Our hope through all of this is to see God given the glory by obeying His word and what He has asked us to do as a family.

Did I mention, I love my wife? She is such a great gift the Lord has given me.