Here is a cool story about tonight’s devotions with the family. We have been going through the book Training Hearts Teaching Minds (based on the Shorter Catechism.) We are on the question -What are the decrees of God?

 So after going through the days short devotion and a couple of verses I asked the kids “What should we do if we don’t notice God’s glory around us?” and I got an immediate response from Silas who is 4, he piped up with “open your eyes.” We all kind of laughed but also thought “how profound”, because really that was what I was looking for. You see, if we don’t see God’s glory all around us, then we must have our eyes closed because His glory is shown from stars in the skies to the people on the ground.

 But that’s not all our 4 year old said, he followed it up by saying “get out of the dark.” Again I was saying to myself “wow, how simple yet profound” Because, you see, if we are living in the darkness of this world we are going to miss God’s glory even if our eyes are open we will still just see darkness.

 Again, that isn’t the last of this little ones wisdom. He then followed that up with “turn on the light.” Now, this may have been influenced some from a couple weeks ago. We had watched a family movie where there was a child who was called “the seeker” and he was the one chosen to seek out 4 items and something else hidden or the darkness would take over the world. I was trying to use the movie made with man’s concept of good being an equal and opposite of evil such as the common religious belief that satan is somehow equal to God in power. I have been trying to keep this lie from infiltrating my children’s minds so I talk a lot about God’s infinite power and that even satan is subject to God, such as a court jester. One false move and off with his head. Anyways, in that, I was telling Silas that the darkness can’t exist with light and all we have to do to get rid of darkness is turn on the light. How can we turn on the spiritual light? By letting God’s light shine through us or reflect off of us.

 These simple 3 steps in perfect order from Silas: “open your eyes, get out of the dark and turn on the light” How much do you think that could solve in your walk? I know I will reflect on that simple answer, that is so profound.