Heather and her Kona Outreach

Heather has been in Kona for over a month. She has been very excited with all that has been happening and what the Lord has been doing in her.  Here is what she wrote on here Facebook page:

This Performing Arts school is amazing. We are always busy dancing or singing or acting. In the mornings we have worship and teachings. It’s like living in a big singing, dancing, dramatic church.
And God has been changing me. No, I cannot say I am positive on what I am going to do in the future, but that doesn’t matter so much right now, I realize. This is a time in which I am being drawn closer to know and glorify God, and to know how to glorify God. Some updates: I feel called to stay here after this DTS is over, and also…Europe. Crazy, no? But in order to stay, I need to be able to pay, right? So, pray, and if possible, support and download my CD!
Thank you!


We are very excited seeing what God is doing in our daughter and hope that if you think about her that you would pray for her.

P.S. you can follow the link and download her music for free as well.

Thank you!

The Journey Session

The Journey Session


The Oliveria family, missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic.

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