Christmas in Paradise

Christmas with Cooper family

We just returned home from an evening with the Cooper family. In the Dominican Republic Christmas eve dinner is like an American Christmas meal and we were invited by the Cooper’s to have this meal with them. It was such a nice and peaceful (with exception of Silas) evening in Paraiso. It seemed many were just having a nice calm evening.

Our family has somewhat connected with theirs and I say “somewhat”  due to the language barrier as we are still learning the language and we don’t always understand all that is said. One of the interesting things is for our family to fit into the dinning area of one of the houses with another large family.

Christmas with Cooper family

Jessica and Samuel

Oliveria family in Paradise

Joshua, Samuel and some of the Coopers

Christmas Dinner

Josiah and Mr. Cooper

We also had some of the typical Dominican food:

Christmas food

Christmas Dinner Dominican style

Christmas Dessert

And Desserts made by Jessica and the kids

The kids said they had a great time and I heard them all (sans Silas) speaking in Spanish. We hope that the Cooper’s enjoyed our family as we did theirs. We also want to say to all our family and friends back in the USA – Merry Christmas! And we love and miss you all!


The Oliveria family, missionaries serving in the Dominican Republic.

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